A Letter to the Bride and Groom

Majestic vistas await for your wedding day

Ever dream of finding just that perfect spot, to get away, shedding the complications and seemingly constant uphill climbs in life. That perfect spot to relax, to find yourself again, or to hold onto the one you love, building dreams together. Promising each other, we can, we will, we are. Where every direction you turn you see beauty, you feel the serenity. Where each sunrise over the mountain promises you a new day…where each sunset over the waters of the Columbia, absorbs into your being.

It is here at this exact spot, where we welcome you, as hosts of Lazy-Daze-Retreats. Our Eagles Nest Lodge or Lazy-Daze Inn offer you a perfect getaway spot for that private elopement ceremony, an intimate wedding, an anniversary, or just the place to sit or walk with the one you cherish, reconnecting. A place to recall those tender memories of life along the way. A place to stay and each day, or night building memories anew.

So close, so affordable. Just a phone call away. Your hosts are committed to make your time relaxing, uncomplicated, peaceful. When you leave, simple words said. “Yes…this was it!"