Your Hosts on the Upper Columbia River


In the beginning, I had this dream of a “little cottage in the woods.” There was this little bubbling brook flowing by, where silver flashes teased the eye, as brookies frolicked in the gentle running waters. Butterflies would dance from blossom to blossom, while hummingbirds would sip the sweet nectar. Bees would be busy, doing what bees do best, growing heavy limbed from the pollen they gathered. And I would live happily ever after, growing old ever so gracefully, along with the willows along the bank. WELL, SO MUCH FOR DREAMS!!

Along came Art, my knight in shining armor. My “little cottage in the woods” was re-drawn into this beautiful log cabin. The bubbling brook is now the mighty Columbia River, stretching over 300 yards across in front of the cabin. The butterflies still dance, the hummingbirds still sip, and the bees still do what bees do best. Add to that picture, the magnificent Bald Eagle, swooping down to capture in his talons, a cool refreshing meal of trout or other offerings from the river. The gentle doe, as she tucks down her spotted fawn, in the tall grasses underneath the towering pines. The flocks of turkeys run helter- skelter, pecking at the corn thrown out for their culinary delight. A thrilling sight, as the Golden Eagle scrutinizes the wary flock of turkeys, as she determines the best way to have Thanksgiving Dinner early. Hence, the birth of Lazy Daze Retreats. Last year, Art and I were blessed with the return of our youngest son, Gabriel. After charting his own journey through life, completing his education with a masters degree in Kinesiology, he is now next to Art at the helm of Lazy Daze Retreats. His presence allows us to fortify our effort to have every guest content, making sure that your stay is relaxed and uncomplicated. Our goal is to have each guest leave our lodging, with the heart and mind full of the makings of many precious memories.

But… no matter where the road takes you, may you travel with health, happiness, and good cheer.


Art, Nina & Gabriel Grobben